Hello and welcome to MDdiaperbags!

We are proud to be Singapore's Premier one-stop shop for quality and stylish diaper bags.
It all started out with me having so much diifficulty in finding the right diaper bag at the right price when my 1st baby came along as choices in the local stores are just so limited. The diaper bags were either too pricey or they would have the image that screamed "I'm a diaper bag!". I was not satisfied and have attempted many a times to use a regular bag to bring all my baby's things when we went on family outings. But this just would not work as without proper compartments and organisation, things got "lost" within the bag in times of "emergency". Very frustrating indeed!

Hence, after the birth of my 2nd baby, I decided to go on a venture in search of fashionable, functional and yet reasonably priced diaper bags.. and thus, MDdiaperbags was created :)

Being a mom who loves having my kids with me almost everywhere I go, I am always on a look-out to bring in new designs of diaper bags and accessories to make our lives as parents with the little ones on tow a little bit easier and less stressful, not to mention stylish too.

With a well-organised diaper bag on hand, parents will now be able to enjoy every moment on the move with your precious ones in "Confidence with style". 


Mel (founder of MDdiaperbags)
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